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The Forum plays a key role in alerting and informing the public about the number of men in general and men in high risk groups in particular who die from prostate cancer each year.

Prostate Cancer Facts:

- Approximately 30,000 men in the U.S. die each year from prostate cancer.
- African-American men have the highest rate of prostate cancer.
- Early detection yields better results in most cases.
- Risk of prostate cancer increases with age.
- Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men.
- Men at high risk, those with a family history and African-Americans, should begin          screening no later than age 40. Other men should begin screening no later than age      50.

Signs and Symptoms Include:

- Most prostate cancers early on have NO symptoms!
- Persistent hip, upper thigh or lower back pain
- Difficulty having an erection
- Difficulty urinating and weak urine flow
- Painful or burning urination
- Blood in your urine or semen

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