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“Men of African descent and certain other men, including those whose fathers or brothers have been diagnosed, and men exposed to Agent Orange are considered men at highest risk of having prostate cancer,” according to Dr. Rich Rento, urologist and a co-founder of the HRPHF and a recent recipient of the title “Top Doctor in Hampton Roads.” 

Dr. Paul Schellhammer, urologist, prostate cancer researcher and a founding director of the HRPHF added, “The two main randomized clinical trials used as the scientific evidence to formulate the PSA test guidelines did not include sufficient numbers of men of African descent to make them reliable enough to make such a far reaching decision as to discourage PSA testing for such a large group of men”.  

Dr. Mark Fleming, medical oncologist and a co-founder of the HRPHF adds, “As a man of African descent, whose father died from prostate cancer, I have two strikes against me, which is why early detection for prostate cancer is so important to me and my family”. 

Hill who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002 and successfully treated considers himself a prostate cancer “warrior” because of his active and relentless commitment to reduce the number of Hampton Roads men who die of prostate cancer and improve the quality of life for the men and their families who are diagnosed with the disease. Hill adds, “The following position statement has 100% backing of the HRPHF Board and is very much needed for this region, where the African American demographic comprises more than one third of the population. This statement reflects an endorsement of the Prostate Health Education Network’s Consensus Statement, announced in September 2013, and the consensus of the HRPHF Board, including the leadership of its Medical and Community Advisory Boards.”

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